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Doors & Locks

We repair and install doors & locks

Doors offer many different benefits to your household; privacy, security, energy savings, and more.

And an improperly installed door can not only be a little annoying to use, but can also be much less safe and allow air to escape, costing you more money.

Chicago Handy has many years experience installing doors to improve the aesthetics of your home while also allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits of doors.

That goes for locks too!

Locks are a huge part of keeping your house safe and secure, so we take the time to make sure they are installed correctly.

Whether it’s an exterior door to update the look of your house or an interior door to replace an old one, give Chicago Handy a call to get it done right!

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What it’s like working with us:

On top of our premium craftsmanship and superior customer service, if anything goes wrong with what we fix within 1 year, we’ll repair it, free of charge.

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  • Secure


    We’ll install and test your new locks and doors so that you can rest easy knowing your door can be tightly locked.

  • Efficient


    We aim to install doors that will create a tight seal when closed. This will remove any gaps and keep your heating and cooling costs down.

  • Reliable


    Ever set up a project with a handyman or other contractor and have them cancel or not show up? At Chicago Handy, we stick to our word, show up, and get the job done right.

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Can I install my door myself?

You can, but it’s highly recommended to leave it to a professional. An improperly installed door can lead to damage to your door and even your home.

Will I need to repaint the walls around my new door?
Will you install a door from any manufacturer?
Can I install door locks myself?
Do you install wifi deadbolts and other electronic lock devices?

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